Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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If the World were 100 PEOPLE:


The world population has now reached 7 billion people. This milestone inspired us to conduct research to update our statistics, and the changes over the past 5 years are remarkable. In 2006, only 1 person out of 100 would have had a college education— today that number has jumped to 7 thanks in part to advances in higher education in Asia. The detailed research and source information can be found here and the statistics provided by Donella Meadows in 1990 that originally inspired our project can be viewed here

If the World were 100 PEOPLE:

50 would be female
50 would be male 

26 would be children
There would be 66 adults,
8 of whom would be 65 and older

There would be:
60 Asians
15 Africans
14 people from the Western Hemisphere
11 Europeans

33 Christians
22 Muslims
14 Hindus
7 Buddhists
12 people who practice other religions
12 people who would not be aligned with a religion

12 would speak Chinese
5 would speak Spanish
5 would speak English
3 would speak Arabic
3 would speak Hindi
3 would speak Bengali
3 would speak Portuguese
2 would speak Russian
2 would speak Japanese
62 would speak other languages

83 would be able to read and write; 17 would not 

7 would have a college degree
22 would own or share a computer

77 people would have a place to shelter them
from the wind and the rain, but 23 would not 

1 would be dying of starvation
15 would be undernourished
21 would be overweight 

87 would have access to safe drinking water
13 people would have no clean, safe water to drink

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Life of Lurey: Iran to UK: "Show Restraint"


As reported by the Jerusalem Post:

As riots have spread across the UK leading to hundreds of arrests and the death of one 26-year-old man, Iran has called on British police to avoid using violence against rioters and demonstrators, and to show “restraint” when dealing with protesters,…

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London Riots: Blame Twitter -- or BlackBerry Messenger?

As riots continue throughout London, British police have threatened to bring charges against those who use social media to incite looting and violence.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanaugh confirmed to U.K. media that officers were looking at Twitter as they investigated the riots, which began after the police shooting of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in the Tottenham section of North London on Thursday.

A women jumping form a burning building as a result of the London riots. 

A women jumping form a burning building as a result of the London riots. 

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